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Adding Value - How do you rate as a partner in your organisation?

Written by Dr Alicia Karwat, KeySteps Pty. Ltd., 1 October 2009

This is the last in a three-part series on performance reviews and the ability to articulate how you are adding value to your organisation. Look at my previous two postings “Work Performance Review – Does it Matter?” and “Every Work Performance Review is an Opportunity: How are you adding value?” I was talking there about a framework of questions that you can use to evaluate your contributions to the organisation. In this posting I go further into how you can evaluate your contributions in the areas directly related to the success of any organisation: its customers, reputation, productivity and cost management

In a recent article in Sydney Morning Herald someone said “Work is a partnership between you and your company. Shared goals and issues need to be expressed and worked on to benefit each other”. I thought that the sentence really captured the essence of employment. Think about what kind of a partner you are. If you were in the business with yourself as a partner, would you like to continue the partnership or to get out of the relationship as soon as possible?

So as a partner, how do you see yourself against these questions?

How do I help to keep our customers or how do I contribute to our clients’ satisfaction?

There is no organisation which could exist without customers or clients. Even if you work for a non-for-profit organisation there are recipients of your company’s services and they are the reason of your company’s existence and your existence as an employee there. You would not have this job if not for them.

How do you stand up to this context? Have you ever thought how you serve your company’s clients? Every employee is tied to clients in some way. In what way are you tied to the clients in your organisation? How does your work affect the company’s relationship with its clients in positive ways?

What do I do that will attract new customers?

Are you contributing anything to bring in a new business? Even if you are not facing clients directly you provide service in a chain for others who do. The quality of your work impacts the willingness of potential clients to do their business with your company.

Do I help the organisation to be well regarded?

How do I contribute to the company’s reputation beyond providing excellent customer service? Perhaps through involvement in social causes, participation in professional associations, forums or other ways you can contribute to building a positive image of your company. Are you an advocate for your company?

Do I save the company’s money or am I wasting it in some way?

If you can identify how your work and behaviour contributes to cost reduction you will know how you are adding value to cost management. Where can money be saved? What tasks or processes might you do more efficiently?

Do I enhance the productivity or morale of my colleagues?

In what way do you look for ways the performance of all can be improved? Do you tolerate underperformance? Are you projecting a positive outlook or you are habitually cynical and a whinger?

Putting aside dysfunctional work situations, if you genuinely add value to the business and have an attitude of a partner in the employment relationship, you will advance your career.

How do you rate yourself as a partner in your organisation?

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