Jane Lowder Jane Lowder is the founder of Max Coaching, an agency that specialises in providing coaching services to individuals and organisations. Jane is passionate about assisting individuals to clear existing career confusion and maximise their career satisfaction. To find out more view Jane’s full bio or visit the Max Coaching website. Follow Max Coaching on: twitter and facebook.

Do Something Different!

Are you a young professional and do you want to ‘escape the corporate mainstream and do something different’?  This could be the website for you: “www.escapethecity.org

“I want to make a difference”.  Hundreds of clients have told me this is what they want to achieve in this lifetime.  For as many people who say this there are as many different ways in which they want to make their mark on this world.  For some it’s in health, others in education, others in making work processes easier and more efficient, others in the impact on the environment.

This site offers a raft of ideas an options.  It’s exciting to see an Aussie hero being showcased as well.  Check out the different career story of Dave the Adventure Cyclist, Photographer and Freelance Writer.

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