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Every Work Performance Review is an Opportunity: “How are you adding value”?

Written by Dr Alicia Karwat, KeySteps Pty. Ltd., July 2009

In less than one month since my last posting I have spoken to more people who were performance managed out and it was not something that they expected coming. What they had in common was that they did not know how to articulate their contributions to the organisation beyond plodding along.

Some organisations had already conducted their annual performance reviews but many will do it in the coming weeks. Before you sit down to talk with your manager about your performance, sit down and evaluate your contributions, achievements, your strengths and how you have added value to the organisation. It takes time to prepare and practice how to say it. As Jane says in her last posting on our blog “abandon the temptation to underestimate your true capabilities” and confidently articulate your contributions.

How are you adding value to the organisation?

The following questions are the first steps that will help you to evaluate your contributions and articulate how you are adding value to the organisation.

1. Review your company’s mission or what it stands for, and how it wants to achieve its goals.

2. How is your job fitting to the big picture of what your company wants to achieve? Why is your job important? What would happen if it wasn’t done?

3. What does the company pay you for? You do many tasks at work and “So what?”

4. Do you help the company move forward? If so, how do you do it?

5. What has the company gained by hiring you? What is your X-factor?

6. Would you hire you if it were your money at stake?

In my next posting I will go deeper into areas of adding value that are directly related to the success of any organisation.

In the meantime, treat every work performance review as an opportunity to promote your contributions. One of the common mistakes people make is assuming that their managers know how they contributed to the organisation. The fact is, that often they do not realise it, and usually they remember only how you performed in your most recent project. Bad luck if it was not a stellar performance!

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