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Most Creative Excuses for Missing Work

 ”I got caught selling an alligator” is just one of the more unusual excuses that have been used in the US this year for taking a day off work.

Careerbuilder.com annual survey on Absenteeism uncovered a bizarre and amusing list of excuses  that include:

  • I got sunburned at a nude beach and can’t wear clothes
  • I woke up in Canada
  • I got caught selling an alligator
  • My buddies locked me in the trunk of an abandoned car after a weekend of drinking
  • My mom said I was not allowed to go to work today
  • A bee flew in my mouth
  • I’m just not into it today
  • I accidentally hit a nun with my motorcycle
  • A random person threw poison ivy in my face and now I have a rash
  • I’m convinced my spouse is having an affair and I’m staying home to catch them
  • I was injured chasing a seagull
  • I have a headache from eating hot peppers

Read the full story and results of the survey at CareerBuilder.com

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