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Time for a Career Change?

By Mary Grech, Career Development Consultant, Careers By Design (Aust) P/L, Melbourne

For most of us happiness is not driven by how much we earn, a short commute to work or proximity to cheap sushi at lunchtime. It goes far deeper and is a bit harder to access our true motivators. Some common signs though can forecast that it is time for a change.

  • When was the last time you felt like you were learning something new? Yesterday, last year, when?
  • How did your last performance discussion go with your boss. Positive, negative or non-existent? You have a right to feedback.
  • Do you have a learning and development agreement with your boss for this year?
  • Do you find yourself fantasizing at work about being somewhere else that is more interesting?
  • Do you know what your next move is, what kinds of opportunities you should be keeping your antenna attuned for?
  • Feel like you really should “get a life” before it all just passes you by?
  • Is this as good as your career will get in this place? Have you seen others progress here?
  • Tired of feeling intimidated, bullied, harassed or as though you are not valued? Who would notice if you didn’t come to work?
  • Tired of being tired without the rush of achievement adrenalin? It’s a slog no matter how you look at it.
  • You can’t recapture those earlier feelings of confidence and “can do” attitude.

If the signals above are ringing some alarm bells, it might be time for an autumn clean out of your career closet. Take stock, revisit what is really important and make a move toward it. You can get closer to where you really want to be, just take the first step.

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  1. These are excellent questions to ask. And to ask on a regular basis, such as quarterly.

    Also, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how to get out of such a situation. Once in a lousy mood about a job, it takes a lot more effort to move toward what is important.

  2. Yes it does take a lot of effort to move towards what is important; however it is MORE effort to stay somewhere you don’t want to be. With our client work we generally look at your present reality, so how are you coping, what makes a good day and try to do more of it. This, of course is an interim measure to improve your resilience, whilst you work on the bigger picture, which is what do you want your career to be?
    Initially it is looking at your values which are our motivates, what is important to us, and reviewing what they are and how are they in, or not in, your career, and more holistically in your life. We can not expect to get all our fulfillment in our work, there are lots of areas in our life that we need to pay attention to.

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