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Top Tips to Successfully Manage Your Career in a Downturn

We’re in a recession, we’re not in a recession - it depends on whose commentary you read as to the take on this.  One thing is certain; the number of jobs being advertised on internet job boards has halved since the same time last year.

It’s no longer a candidates’ market, as it was only 8 months ago.  So what does it all mean for you?

It means it’s time to take control of your career with both hands.  Make sure you’re in the best shape possible to face the job market should you find yourself, and all my hopes are that you do not, in that position.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing 8 Top Tips for Managing Your Career.

Tip #1 - Stay Ahead of the Game on Skills

If you haven’t completed any training courses or upgraded your qualifications in the last 3-4 years then you need to add this to your agenda.

Extending your skills and knowledge will keep you resilient, ensuring you have options if and when you need them.

Be strategic about the courses you choose to invest time, money and energy into.  Make sure they will assist to propel you along your chosen career path.  Studying anything just for the sake of studying will not assist you in successfully managing your career.

Where to Look for Study Opportunities

In a knowledge economy it is essential to keep our skills up to date.  It is rare these days for one course of study to carry us through a lifetime of employment.

Equally, if you are unhappy in your current role and wish to make a change, now is a great time to upskill in the new field so that when the market recovers you are well placed to apply for roles in the new field.

Happy Studying!

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