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Tip#3: Abandon the Temptation to Underestimate Your True Capabilities

Written by Jane Lowder, Max Coaching

If I could wave a magic wand and change 1 aspect of thinking in order to assist people to achieve their career goals and hopes, it would be this: self belief.

Many people I speak with about their careers have this in common: they are somewhat uncomfortable speaking confidently about how capable and skilled they are. [Read more →]

Reclaim Yesterday, Enjoy Today, and Master Tomorrow

By Dr Alicia Karwat, KeySteps Pty. Ltd.

Do you know how your time orientation influences and guides your life choices and your decision making? What is its impact on how happy you feel and how successful you are?  Would you like to be more constructive with your time and acquire a “healthier time perspective”? If that sounds interesting, read the new book by Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd “The Time Paradox”. [Read more →]

Workplace Psychopaths Revisited - Who is bullying whom?

By Dr Alicia Karwat, KeySteps Pty. Ltd.

I have just come across interesting information about a University of Adelaide study currently recruiting managers and bosses to talk about their experiences if they have been accused of workplace bullying. The researcher asks a question “Office bully or workplace victim?” and provides some evidence that the latter might also be true.

[

How Do You Deal With Adversity?

By Dr Alicia Karwat, KeySteps Pty. Ltd.

Apparently how you are dealing with adversity can tell a lot about how successful you are and will be in your life. Good news is that it can be measured and changed with a combination of self-awareness, discipline, focus and practice. [Read more →]

Workplace Psychopaths - How To Deal With Them?

By Dr Alicia Karwat, KeySteps Pty. Ltd.

Workplace psychopaths, some estimate that there are about 3% of them in the workplace, and some say that their number is on a raise, but if it is the first time you are working with one and if you are a target of their attention you may start to feel like a paranoid freak. On the other hand workplace psychopaths with milder forms of psychopathic behaviours could be useful if managed properly by organisations. [Read more →]

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