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Interviews: What Do You Say After “Hello”?

By Heidi Winney, Strategic Career Management

Many times when I’ve coached people in how to answer interview questions we began with the “Tell me about yourself”! Very often, I was asked “Well, what do you want to hear? Do you want me to tell you where I grew up and went to school and should I tell you about my kids, etc? Where should I start?”

In a “real” interview, this may well create doubt in an interviewer’s mind about your suitability and in particular your level of preparedness for the interview? If you’re not prepared for the interview, what else might you not be prepared for? [Read more →]

Case Study Interviews

Written by Heidi Winney, Strategic Career Development

First we had the ‘traditional’ interview – now well and truly out of fashion. Then, in the early 90s the “behavioural” interview arrived and slowly gathered speed and took hold – to the extent that there is almost no “traditional” style used during the interview process. Also popular is the “assessment centre” approach which is very often used during large-scale hiring by the public sector, by airlines and by the banking and finance industry.

This week a client asked me to coach her specifically in passing a “Case Study” interview, and while this is not entirely new, it is becoming more common to not only go through the ‘behaviour’ interview but to also pass a ‘Case Study’ interview [Read more →]

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