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How to Ask for a Pay Rise

Written by Jane Lowder, Max Coaching, this story appeared on news.com.au on June 21, 2013

1. Check the market
Set your own expectations by researching the average salary for similar roles in similar industries.
If your salary is below the market average, this information will help support your request for a raise.

2. Prepare your case
Outside of increases for inflation, pay rises are typically linked to performance. Don’t rely on your boss’s memory of all your valuable contributions, [Read more →]

Do Something Different!

Are you a young professional and do you want to ‘escape the corporate mainstream and do something different’?  This could be the website for you: “www.escapethecity.org

“I want to make a difference”.  Hundreds of clients have told me this is what they want to achieve in this lifetime.  For as many people who say this there are as many different ways in which they want to make their mark on this world.  For some it’s in health, others in education, others in making work processes easier and more efficient, others in the impact on the environment.

This site offers a raft of ideas an options.  It’s exciting to see an Aussie hero being showcased as well.  Check out the different career story of Dave the Adventure Cyclist, Photographer and Freelance Writer.

Most Creative Excuses for Missing Work

 ”I got caught selling an alligator” is just one of the more unusual excuses that have been used in the US this year for taking a day off work.

Careerbuilder.com annual survey on Absenteeism uncovered a bizarre and amusing list of excuses  that include: [Read more →]

Say it Loud and Proud

If you have taken to heart Alicia’s and my latest posts then I assume that you have started to recognise and itemise your work-related achievements.

Here’s the next most important question: Can you confidently articulate your achievements and strengths in an interview? [Read more →]

Tip#3: Abandon the Temptation to Underestimate Your True Capabilities

Written by Jane Lowder, Max Coaching

If I could wave a magic wand and change 1 aspect of thinking in order to assist people to achieve their career goals and hopes, it would be this: self belief.

Many people I speak with about their careers have this in common: they are somewhat uncomfortable speaking confidently about how capable and skilled they are. [Read more →]

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