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Tip#2: Skills + Experience = Opportunity

By Jane Lowder, Max Coaching
In this market every job ad posted attracts several hundred applications. Because it is largely an employers’ market, employers can be very particular about who to hire.

The bulk of opportunities fall to those who have relevant and recently demonstrated skills and experience. So what can you do if you don’t have these? [Read more →]

Top Tips to Successfully Manage Your Career in a Downturn

We’re in a recession, we’re not in a recession - it depends on whose commentary you read as to the take on this.  One thing is certain; the number of jobs being advertised on internet job boards has halved since the same time last year.

It’s no longer a candidates’ market, as it was only 8 months ago.  So what does it all mean for you? [Read more →]

Call or Wait to be Called? How Should Job Seekers deal with Recruitment Agents?

Written by Jane Lowder, Max Coaching - with thanks to Fredi, Job Seeker.

“I’ve sent stacks of job applications to recruitment agencies and I haven’t had one reply call!”  This is a common pain point for job seekers.  Their resume represents a mountain of time and effort and hope, it can be crushing to receive no response.

Looking at it from the recruitment agent’s point of view, they are swamped with applications so it’s virtually impossible to get back to everyone.  However,  there are ways job seekers can help both themselves and their recruitment agent.  Thanks to Fredi for sharing his story today [Read more →]

Job Application Rejection: Should You Take it Personally?

Written by Jane Lowder, Max Coaching

“I have an undergraduate degree, a masters degree and a teaching certificate yet I’m on Centrelink benefits because I can’t get a job” stated the frustrated, and somewhat bamboozled fellow in the back row of the seminar I attended yesterday. And why shouldn’t he be bamboozled? ABS statistics show that the more qualifications a person has the more employable they are and the higher the salary they are likely to attract. This fellow had a valid expectation that he should have little trouble finding work.

Most often people see job application rejection as a rejection of themselves, their qualifications and experience. In many cases this is just not true, and there is something that can be done to improve prospects. [Read more →]

Managing the Social Side of Work

Written by Jane Lowder, Max Coaching

Recently I was asked to offer comment on the pros and cons of Socialising at Work. Journalist Nikki Williamson offered some interesting thoughts on this topic in the SMH last weekend. It may seem trivial, but in fact the way we socialise at work can help or hinder our professional reputation and career prospects. [Read more →]

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