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Do Something Different!

Are you a young professional and do you want to ‘escape the corporate mainstream and do something different’?  This could be the website for you: “www.escapethecity.org

“I want to make a difference”.  Hundreds of clients have told me this is what they want to achieve in this lifetime.  For as many people who say this there are as many different ways in which they want to make their mark on this world.  For some it’s in health, others in education, others in making work processes easier and more efficient, others in the impact on the environment.

This site offers a raft of ideas an options.  It’s exciting to see an Aussie hero being showcased as well.  Check out the different career story of Dave the Adventure Cyclist, Photographer and Freelance Writer.

Say it Loud and Proud

If you have taken to heart Alicia’s and my latest posts then I assume that you have started to recognise and itemise your work-related achievements.

Here’s the next most important question: Can you confidently articulate your achievements and strengths in an interview? [Read more →]

Mastering Resilient Career

By Dr Alicia Karwat, KeySteps Pty. Ltd.

Skill Shortage – What skill shortage? What does it mean to be career resilient?

Media would like us to believe that our labour market experiences skill shortage. This is true in some sectors, such as mining, engineering and trades; however, in fact most other sectors experience a rise of redundancies and retrenchments, in particular at more senior levels. Recruiters complain that their business is down because there are not many new vacancies coming in. I have seen many good candidates in my practice recently, who have been looking for jobs for more than six months.  Age seems to do quite a lot with it; perhaps because older people are looking for more senior positions than the younger ones and there are not so many senior positions advertised. Turning 40 appears to be a magical age, although one recruiter told me that in their circle mature age workers are those over 36.  “This position is too junior for you” – you can hear their response, and “I do not have anything at your level right now”. 

[

How to market “Your Brand” through Networking

By Heidi Winney, Strategic Career Management

Do you know yet what the “features and benefits” of your Brand are? Do you know where you want to apply your strengths, your areas of expertise and your transferable skills (the “features and benefits”)? Before you can create your own employment opportunity you need to be able to answer the all important question “why should I hire you”? [Read more →]

Your Brand - Your Future Career

What does it take to stand out and prosper in today’s world of work?

Developing and succeeding in your career in today’s world of work means more than just looking at the Internet, newspapers or companies’ websites, or approaching Recruitment Consultants! It’s more about self-marketing and successfully tapping into the total pool of career opportunities! [Read more →]

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