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Call or Wait to be Called? How Should Job Seekers deal with Recruitment Agents?

Written by Jane Lowder, Max Coaching - with thanks to Fredi, Job Seeker.

“I’ve sent stacks of job applications to recruitment agencies and I haven’t had one reply call!”  This is a common pain point for job seekers.  Their resume represents a mountain of time and effort and hope, it can be crushing to receive no response.

Looking at it from the recruitment agent’s point of view, they are swamped with applications so it’s virtually impossible to get back to everyone.  However,  there are ways job seekers can help both themselves and their recruitment agent.  Thanks to Fredi for sharing his story today .

“I would definitely call, you never know what the follow up call conversation will be like. I did a follow up call today asking how my application was going. To my surprise the recruitment agent first thanked me for calling up and I thanked her for her time. Then she pulled up my application and started an interview over the phone, asking me to expand on the work experience from my resume.

A couple of questions that were thrown at me were:

  1. What was your previous salary?
  2. What would be your ideal job?

After having spoken to her I got a call back shortly after for an interview tomorrow. I am a very happy camper. What really impressed her the most was the volunteering work I had on my resume . Thank you very much Jane for giving me the advice to add my volunteer work to my resume.

I believe having a very positive mindset before the follow up call helps immensely. It makes you sound more positive and confident over the phone, because these things can easily be spotted over the phone. Things I did before calling up were:

  1. Dressed up for the occasion: I changed into my interview clothes. They made me feel more confident and brought a different state of mind, one where I was much more focused on the issues to be discussed.
  2. Wrote out my script. It was important to clearly convey my message within the first couple of seconds. My introduction went something like:
  3. Hello my name is .. just calling to know how my application for (position) is going.

  4. If your at your desk, stand up. It makes you feel more confident and in control over the phone.

So yes those are my two cents. I hope it helps.”

Great tips, thanks Fredi!  If anyone else has other tips or experiences to share you can post them here, or join the Max Coaching Network on LinkedIn and contribute to the discussion.

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