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Your Brand - Your Future Career

What does it take to stand out and prosper in today’s world of work?

Developing and succeeding in your career in today’s world of work means more than just looking at the Internet, newspapers or companies’ websites, or approaching Recruitment Consultants! It’s more about self-marketing and successfully tapping into the total pool of career opportunities!

Why have companies such as Nike, Coke, Pepsi or the Body Shop invested so heavily into developing a strong brand – because this becomes an integral part of their success and value of the company! This is no different from how you should approach your career - you need to think differently and invest in establishing “Your Brand” to make you stand out against your competitors.

How do you go about establishing “Your Brand”?

• Know what you have to offer and what makes you unique
• Can you explain in 15 words or less what you do really well? If not, spend some time in developing and writing down “Your Brand”
• What are the features and benefits of “Your Brand”?
• What are your greatest strengths and defining characteristics?
• Once you’ve written it, read it and if what you’ve written doesn’t grab your attention, give some serious thought to re-inventing and defining yourself as the brand called “You”!

Tom Peters (American writer and management consultant*) in his article “The Brand Called You” says you’re not an “employee” or a “staffer” or a “worker” or a “human resource” – you don’t “belong to” any company for life. You should no longer be defined by your job title or by your job description!

Only when you’ve developed a very clear pitch and thought about what you have to offer are you ready to target the job market as a whole and create your ideal future. Only then can you start marketing yourself to the companies of your choice!

Take a look at your resume and ask yourself whether it really defines what you have to offer? Does it truly explain what you’ve achieved? Does it create the impression you want to give – does it really describe your breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience, and the difference you’ve made in your various roles?

To achieve successful branding, do as many companies have done – approach the experts in this area. In managing your career and developing “Your Brand”, an experienced Career Coach with particular expertise in this area may make the difference in helping you develop a successful “Brand”!

This should be seen as Stage One of your Career Management. Once you’ve developed “Your Brand”, you need to know how to market your Brand!

*Resourced from an article written by Tom Peters, “The Brand called You” available at: www.fastcompany.com/magazine
Tom Peters (together with Bob Waterman) is well known for writing the classic management book “In Search of Excellence”.

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